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I am Amanda. I am a graphics student. I like horror movies, forensics, tattoos, photography, music, tea and Halloween.

Lana Del Rey Coachella 2014 

i don’t want to go to school i don’t want to go to university i don’t want to have a career i don’t want anyone to expect anything of me ever ever ever i just want to sit in a cocoon of blankets all day every day sleeping and reading books because i don’t think i’m cut out for this whole ‘contributing member of society’ thing

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Israeli Soldier points gun at young Palestinian boy at a market in Al Khalil(Hebron),Palestine.

like, the whole avenged sevenfold and zacky thing kinda bothers me, ya feel? Like some of the fan base is literally crap because of this whole thing. The blogs that talk shit about the girlfriends of avenged or wives rather, are completely pathetic. Is it really necessary to talk shit about someones wife or girlfriend? they’re obviously with them for a reason so leave them be.

Also, the whole thing with Zacky obviously happened for a reason. Fans were getting all butthurt about him changing his twitter and instagram and they came at him and he deleted them. Would you expect him to keep letting disrespectful fans follow him? nope, i don’t think so. He’s a thirty two year old man, leave him alone.

He also deleted his insta, which made me mad because I like Vengeance University and I also like the shirts that say Lady. I think it’s so cute that he calls his girlfriend Lady. It was so cute when he posted a picture with the caption the boss and the lady. I love that he calls himself the boss and he calls his girlfriend lady and its his clothing line, he can make the shirts however he pleases, you don’t have to buy them.

This kinda shit is probably why the guys don’t have social media accounts, because they don’t want to deal with shit from the fans and i don’t blame them cause they’re all ranging from twenty five to fucking thirty two, I don’t think a bunch of teenagers need to tell grown men what to do. 

Its just really fucking annoying because Arin and Zacky were the only ones with like, twitters and now Zacky doesn’t have a personal twitter, just the twitter for VU. 

Also, he could read the hateful shit on tumblr, ya know. I remember hearing back in like 2011 that him and Brian would go in the tags and read it and if he still does that, he’s probably blaming stuff on himself, which he shouldn’t cause he’s not at fault, at all. I wouldn’t be surprised if he still goes through the tags. 

I just wanted to get that out cause i am extremely upset that Zacky no longer has an instagram or a personal twitter.